It's not unusual for a model to ask for a shoot with their partner and while we don't undertake family portrait work, I am happy to include partners in model shoots.

Broadly speaking, couple shoots fall into two categories:

  • The first is where the couple agrees to be included in one of my ongoing projects, and/or the agree to shoot a theme that I want to incorporate into my portfolio.  In exchange for Gilchrist Photo being able to decide the theme of the shoot and use and publish the pictures, the couple get the shoot and their pictures free.

  • The second is a straightforward commission.   For those couples that want to decide on the theme of the shoot and to keep their photographs private, we are happy to take on paid commissions.  Unsurprisingly, this is more common when couples ask for very intimate shoots.  Every shoot is different with the cost calculated according to the length and complexity of the shoot and we're always happy to discuss options for such commissions.